What is Mobile App Marketing?

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing is a unique marketing idea and strategy that is applied in order to increase App visibility and branding available in different app stores so that the number of downloads of that particular App can be increased and reached to its targeted audience.

What is Mobile App Marketing Agency?

These are the type of agency run by professionals who provide App marketing services. They are basically a marketing agency but very specific in the domain of App Store Optimization (ASO). They provide the expertise on optimizing your apps in the various app store available and allow your app to rank on the top so that the visibility of your app increases when someone is searching the app of your niche.

When it comes to optimizing your app in various App stores like Apple and Google App store there are different techniques required for both which might be quite confusing for all the developers or developing companies to understand. To overcome such complication we can hire such type of App Agency where they have ASO experts who are very familiar to the different techniques of app listing in the various App Stores respectively.


Why do we require a Mobile App Marketing Agency?

Mobile App Industry has grown so widely and it has already come to its saturation point, means the competition is very high. With the increasing number of apps, every day today Google Play Store has 2.6 million of Apps available and Apple app store has somewhere around 2.2 millions of App. Due to this massive competition, the developers and app developing company are finding it very tough to make their apps to get ranked in the various app stores due to which these apps are not reached to their targeted audience which is resulting in the app failure.

But things don’t end here. We all know that every problem has a solution and the solution for this kind of app ranking problem is Mobile App marketing Agency.

Benefits of taking Mobile App Marketing Services

1. Standard App Listing

When it comes to listing your app in the app stores there are a lot of requirements that need to be fulfilled so that the algorithms can index your app and it can start getting the impressions and the download. Some of the important things that are done in App Listing are:

    • A very eye-catching and unique icon for your App
    • A very impressive quality images
    • A video for your App
    • A Title and A description with the proper usage of the keyword.
    • Proper categorization of your App

Any App that wants to get itself ranked on the App Store should have its App Listing with the above mention criteria. There are also different standards of inserting the image for a different set of devices like phones, Ipad Tablet, etc. The pixel size of images differs in every different device which is fully known by the professional working in such Mobile App marketing company.


2. Reputation management

Reputation management is also one of the crucial tasks that need to be done in the App Store Optimization process. It means managing the app reviews and rating of your App. App store algorithms give very huge importance to the ratings and reviews of the App. The more good reviews you have on your App the more your app will start to rank on the top and the rating should be always above 4.0 to rank your App. The rating below 4.0 is not considered as a quality App according to the app store algorithm. The ASO agency professionals will know the techniques and strategy to manage such a reputation so that your ranking can be improved. This can be achieved through the continuous monitoring and evaluation of your app by such ASO service provider.


3. SEO for your App URL

App downloads do not always come directly through app stores. The potential App downloaders are also derived from the Search Engine. Still today there are many people who search for App in the Search Engines so it is very necessary that the URL of your App is optimized in the Search engine as well. The mobile app marketing company don’t limit themselves in ranking your app in App store but they also make sure that your App Url is properly optimized in the Google Search Engine which is called Search Engine Optimization.

The proper SEO of your App URL will allow your App URL to rank on the top of Search Engine which means you will ultimately have a high chance of getting more downloads. The ASO service provider will fully work on optimizing your App URL so that if anybody will search app of your category your app URL will display on the top of search engine and through that URL the user will be directly taken to the respective App store. It is very important because such users are mostly quality users who have more probability of downloading your app.


4. Promotion/Branding of your App

When it comes to App promoting your App it should be done in a holistic manner. Marketing the App it is slightly different than other things. You market it mostly through a digital platform like marketing it in a social media, by making a tutorial video of your app, running a paid ad campaigns, influencers marketing etc. It requires various marketing strategies for App promotion and branding. The App marketing company will have the idea of understanding what kind of measures should be taken for branding your app, according to your budget. Because sometimes running a paid ad campaign will be very costly and not every app developer can afford to run such paid search ad campaigns. The ASO service provider will handle your app promotion and app branding so that your App brand awareness will start increasing among people which will increase the number of conversions.


5. Ideas about the internal structuring of your App

ASO experts will give you an idea about how you should build your app internally. When it comes to App Store Optimization it doesn’t mean only listing your app and doing external things. An ASO expert will also give insights about how you should structure your app so that the user can have good experience with your app. The internal structuring of the App also plays a very important role for app optimization as the algorithms prioritize on how well the app is engaging the user. The session length of the app is very vital when it comes to ranking your app. So the ASO professionals will tell you what all you can do in order to increase the session length and how often the app updates need to be done.


Mobile App marketing agency


Conclusion: Hiring a mobile App marketing agency will be very beneficial for all the app developers as well as app developing companies in order to make proper utilization of their app. App marketing professional will know the techniques through which your app can shout out in the crowd of million apps through which the app downloads can be ultimately increased.

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