25 Reasons Why People Uninstall The Mobile App

Why People Uninstall Your Mobile App?

The study says that 80% of users uninstall the app within 3 days from app install. Marketers spend hundreds of thousands of dollar to acquire and retain the users but it is sometimes frustrating to see 70-80% dropouts in the 1st 3 days of app install. In order to avoid this pitfall, I’m listing down the top 25 reasons why users uninstall the app based on my recent experience. I believe it will help you in order to successfully grow your app to acquire and retain the users with less effort after fixing the reason mentioned below.


  1. An app doesn’t satisfy the user’s expectation.
  2. Battery drains faster.
  3. Takes a too long time to load.
  4. Acquires too much internet data.
  5. Works well only on fast internet networks.
  6. 50.6% of users tend to uninstall if the app takes too much space on the device’s memory.
  7. According to ITR, uninstallation happens because of the complex registration process.
  8. Statistics reveal that 29.6% of uninstalls happens because of security/privacy issue.
  9. 71% of users uninstall due to annoying push notifications popping up too frequently forces users to uninstall the app.
  10. 62% of the people uninstall an app if they experience mobile crashes, freezes, and errors.
  11. Poor loading speed, an app needs to initially load onto user devices in 4 seconds or less.
  12. If the app navigation is not proper for the user experience.
  13. Overloading features make users confused.
  14. If the app updates are forced often.
  15. CPU power uses is too high.
  16. Most of the devices don’t support the app.
  17. If the ads are not executed well or described through the visuals and text.
  18. If the UI/UX is complicated.
  19. If the app is not completely ready for the market.
  20. If the app/play store content or visuals doesn’t fulfill the expectation of the app installers.
  21. An absence of an offline mode.
  22. If the onboarding is not simple.
  23. If the app features don’t work as expected.
  24. If the app doesn’t have the latest design trend.
  25. Too many third-party advertisements.

In order to give a great user experience, it is necessary to deal with the above-listed reasons. Don’t market the app until your users love the app. It will help you to save a lot of money and efforts while executing the paid and organic user acquisition strategy. Always ensure that the overall  App Store Optimization is done in a very faultless way.

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