8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic, which you should know about

Understand the ways to increase web traffic

In today’s date, we see a number of websites than that of more number of people in the world. But not all websites are visited by people or let’s say no traffics are being generated to all the existing sites in the search engines. But we all know that all existing websites have the common goal that is to increase the number of traffic in their websites so that they can actually get engaged with their targeted people whether it be for educating the people, generating the business etc. All these different set of websites have their own purpose and their own targeted traffic which they want to increase for which they perform different Digital Marketing Techniques.

So, below I have explained the important ways through which you can drive the number of traffic into your websites.

  1. Organic website traffic

    This is the way of pulling the traffic to your website organically means without making any sort of payments. There are many websites who run a paid ad campaign in order to rank their website on the top in the various search engine which increases the probability of getting the traffic into the sites. But the organic way of generating traffic is done by performing On page and Off page SEO techniques.

  2. Social-Media Referral traffic

    Before explaining social media referral traffic it is necessary to understand what referral traffic means. It means any traffic that is coming to your websites from different source except search engines. So, I guess now you can relate what social media referral traffic is. It is the technique of driving the traffic through different social media platform like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Being actively involved in social media will pull more traffic to your website because nowadays people are mostly engaged in social media where they like seeing various posts and if they find it interesting they go through the link and come to your websites. You should pull the user interest in social media posts by creating interesting content like video content, infographics, tutorial videos, informational video, motivational video, by engaging and being involved in a different group like different niche Facebook group.

  3. Website referral traffic:

    It is the similar concept into the social media referral traffic but here in website referral traffic, you get the traffic from the various websites or blog.Example: If you have a e-commerce site where you sell the fitness wear than you will have a high probability of getting the traffic from the referral websites that can be fitness bloggers who write blogs about fitness or some supplement sellers who might recommend your website link on their website to purchase from your website because they will believe you give the quality gym wears.You can also create the website referral traffic from various forum submission sites, guest blogging and also by leaving some comments in the related segment in various different blogs or websites.

  4. Social Bookmarking:

    Social Bookmarking is a very important way of increasing traffic for your website but yet it’s overlooked. Many people are not aware of the benefits of Social Bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites are that kind of sites where people go and save the link of the websites which they find interesting and those link can be viewed by all the members of social bookmarking through which the traffic will come to your websites. Normally the traffic that has come through such social bookmarking sites are the quality traffic because they are normally coming through the similar interest of the content or service that your website is providing. Ther area various social bookmarking sites but some of the famous one are Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Slashdot etc. You should always share the link of your website or interesting content in such social bookmarking sites so that the traffic can be generated. Besides that, you should also add a social bookmarking link to your websites so that the readers or users can easily save your website link to their social bookmarking sites.

  5. Business directories:

    In today’s date, if people want to search about anything, the first thing that comes in the people mind is different search engine available and the other thing that comes is business directories. Although there are business directories according to the niche there are also many directories that cover the wide range of segment of the business. The major benefit of the business directories is is that you can have backlinks through which the visitors on the website will increase. It is very important for various businesses to have a good rating and reviews in the various directories sites so that it will increase your website reputation as search engines prioritize for such business directories listings. Some of the famous business directories are Yelp, Better business bureau etc.

  6. Forum submission:

    Forum submission is one of the best options to bring traffic to your website for free. These are the sites where people ask a lot of queries which they are not sure about or which they have an idea about or something that they want to know. You can engage yourself in such discussions or queries and give the useful content there along with your website link and there is a high chance of getting traffic from that particular link provided.Forum submission site like Quora is one of the best platforms to submit your website link. But you should make sure that you are giving quality content and involving in the discussions because if you just submit the link without any explanation people will not get interested to follow your link.

  7. Paid Ad campaigns:

    Paid advertisements are one of the fastest ways to increase traffic into the website. You can run the Paid ad campaigns in Google through Google Adwords, and other various social media paid ad campaigns too like Facebook paid ad campaigns. There are one of the easy ways to increase the visitors on your website. But not everyone can run a paid ad campaign because sometimes it might be costly to run a paid ad campaigns, but if you have enough budget then this is the best way to generate the traffic for your website.

  8. Direct Traffic:

    Direct traffic is the way of getting traffic to your website through a direct search of your website link or name. Very famous companies or let’s say a company with a very big brand value will have a direct search. Certain popularity is essential in order to increase direct website traffic.

In order to get more traffic to your website you should apply various techniques of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) along with you should also follow the above-mentioned points because those are the very must do work and a convenient way to pull drive the visitors to your website.

Increase website traffic

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